Q: Do I have to apply for Medicare or do I get it automatically?

     Q: Do I have to pay for Medicare?

     Q: Do I need both Parts A and B?   

     Q: When can I apply for Medicare? 

     Q: Do I receive a notice about Medicare when I turn 65? 

     Q: If I wait to take Part B, will I face a penalty?   

     Q: I’m thinking of not taking Part B. Who do I need to talk to?

     Q: My income is low. Are there programs that can help me afford my Medicare premiums?    

     Q: I’m self-employed. Do I need Medicare?   

     Q: I have a high income. Will my Medicare premiums cost more?

     Q: I have drug coverage from an employer.  Do I need a Part D prescription drug plan?

     Q: How will my employer-based coverage change when I turn 65?

     Q: My retiree plan is a Medicare Advantage plan. Do I need to do anything else to sign up for Medicare?

     Q:My retiree plan is a Medicare Advantage plan; do I have to keep it?

     Q: I lost my creditable drug coverage. What can I do?