Medicare Part C

Medicare Approved Health Plans

If you choose Part C, you will get a health plan that combines Part A, Part B and usually Part D.

  • Part C plan’s may offer supplemental benefits that Original Medicare does not cover (vision, hearing, dental)
  • You may need to use health care providers who participate in the plan’s network
  • Your Max-Out-Of-Pocket (MOOP) have a yearly limit with Medicare Advantage

Important Differences Between Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement

 Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplement
Medicare Part A & B CoverageServes in place of original MedicareServes in addition to original Medicare
Prescription Drug CoverageMost plans include Part D / Prescription Drug CoverageNot included; you must buy separately
Your Choice of DoctorsThis depends on your type of plan and insurer Any health provider that participates in Medicare
Monthly PremiumsThe cost varies by your plan and insurer ($0 – $100+)Cost based on your age & health history ($150 – $200)
Out of Pocket CostsYou pay for copays & deductiblesLittle to none, outside your premiums
PaperworkSome paperwork because of your out of pocket costsLittle to none; easily coordinates with Medicare